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Righthaven Desperately Trying To Avoid Paying Legal Fees

from the keep-digging dept

The Righthaven saga continues. Just as it's lost in Colorado, and was told it needs to pay legal fees there as well, the company is still trying to get out of having to pay legal fees in the Hoehn case in Nevada. As you may recall, Righthaven was ordered to pay legal fees of $34,045.50 by September 14th. It did not do so. Following that, Hoehn's lawyer, Marc Randazza (whose name you're seeing a lot in these Righthaven cases), asked the court to declare Righthaven in contempt, and sought both to put the company into receivership and to allow US Marshals to seize property from Righthaven for its failure to pay. In typical plodding fashion, Righthaven has still not paid up... but has filed a motion (embedded below) asking the appeals court to put off the district court's judgment, because it believes the ruling will be overturned (ha!) and having to pay up would cause irreparable harm. The motion is worth reading. As with previous Righthaven motions we've seen, the company seems to think that mocking the district court judge is a reasonable strategy. You can feel the contempt for the judge in the filing, which I can't imagine will go over well.

That said, I wouldn't be surprised if the Appeals Court grants the stay. It's not uncommon for appeals courts to do so, and it's unclear if the Appeals Court is aware of Righthaven's continued antics in these cases. Still, in the end, I can't see Righthaven winning, so this just seems like delaying the inevitable.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 29 Sep 2011 @ 7:55am

    Rearranging the deck chairs?

    Sounds like they are re-arranging the deck chairs (and offloading the gold onto the nearest submarine) before the ship goes down...

    I didn't see a renegade cook or stripper anywhere in the mix, but it would make for a better story when they sell the rights to their story to the movie makers (it will be the only thing they have left when the judge gets done with them if we are lucky).

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