What's The Most Expensive WiFi You've Seen?

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I do a fair bit of traveling and, while I try to avoid it, there are times when I really have no choice but to pay up for WiFi (and why is it always the expensive hotels that charge more for it, while the cheap hotels offer free WiFi?). At times, the prices seem really crazy, but Parker sends over a screenshot of the cost of WiFi that he discovered at Toronto's International Centre, which seemed a bit extreme: $6.95 for just 30 minutes. Or $99 for a full day. You could get the two day package for a bargain at $159. I'm not sure I want to know what the difference between "Ultra-Lite Wireless" (the prices you see here) and "Extreme Wireless" might be, but it seems doubly ridiculous to think that $99 per day only gets you "ultra-lite" wireless.
Anyway, I don't think I've seen prices like that before, but I'm curious if anyone has any stories that can top that?

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    Paul Renault (profile), 26 Oct 2011 @ 4:38am

    Bogus arguments abound!

    I read the reddit comments by the installer. To sum up: bigger hotels have to install more equipment than smaller hotels because they have more rooms, so their installations cost more.

    OK, fine...but they also have more rooms! So they have more income! The better question to ask: do larger hotels have to have more equipment per room than smaller hotels? I'll skirt the obvious observation that larger hotels tend to charge more per room.

    (It's like the argument about why you can't have people hand-counting votes in the USA like we do in Canada. Yes, the USA has ten times the population so there are more votes to count. But the USA has ten times the population, so there are more people which can count the votes.)(Complicated-er ballots notwithstanding, eh.)

    Next thing you know, they'll claim that they have to charge extra for the bed sheets - because they have to have more washers and dryers than small hotels.

    Besides: 20 switches to service 120 access points? What am I missing? Maybe they need to stop buying their equipment at Staples or Best Buy and get switches with more than eight ports.

    While I'm not a network installer, my customers have moderately-complicated LANs which I have to work on sometimes. They'll often have 120 computers hard-wired in and two wifi access points. Three or four switches, two routers, a dial-up modem and a phone, data backup equipment, file servers, a monitor and keyboard, and two UPSes. It all fits in a cabinet 3ftx3ftx7ft.

    Large hotels only need: a router, three or four switches spread out throughout the hotel (to reduce cabling), some small UPSes, high-power wifi access points, and proper antennas.

    The reddit commenter mentionned $300/night. At that rate, I'd demand that Internet access be included in the room rate, just like at a Howard Johnson, instead of gouging the customers.

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