What's The Most Expensive WiFi You've Seen?

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I do a fair bit of traveling and, while I try to avoid it, there are times when I really have no choice but to pay up for WiFi (and why is it always the expensive hotels that charge more for it, while the cheap hotels offer free WiFi?). At times, the prices seem really crazy, but Parker sends over a screenshot of the cost of WiFi that he discovered at Toronto's International Centre, which seemed a bit extreme: $6.95 for just 30 minutes. Or $99 for a full day. You could get the two day package for a bargain at $159. I'm not sure I want to know what the difference between "Ultra-Lite Wireless" (the prices you see here) and "Extreme Wireless" might be, but it seems doubly ridiculous to think that $99 per day only gets you "ultra-lite" wireless.
Anyway, I don't think I've seen prices like that before, but I'm curious if anyone has any stories that can top that?

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    jakerome (profile), 25 Oct 2011 @ 8:28pm

    It gets better (read: worse)

    International Centre Wireless Service Terms and Conditions


    The International Centre is the exclusive provider for wired and wireless services for the Facility and has in operation a wireless 802.11 b / g system. The wireless service offers Internet access at varying speeds, servicing exhibitors as well as attendees. The actual maximum bandwidth available depends on how many users are accessing the network simultaneously at any given time. Routers, Streaming Applications, VoIP, DHCP, NAT or Proxy Servers are not allowed with this connection. The International Centre can engineer custom dedicated network(s) to accommodate such special requests. Please call for quote. Wireless is an entry level service ideal for web surfing and checking web based email. The International Centres Wireless Network can be accessed throughout the Facility by using a Wi-Fi compatible 802.11 b / g network card or one of our rental bridge units (limited quantity of bridge units, call for availability). Wireless service is inherently vulnerable to interference from other devices that transmit similar radio frequency signals or that operate within the same frequency spectrum. The International Centre cannot guarantee that interference will not occur. The International Centre does NOT recommend wireless service for mission critical services such as product presentation or demonstrations. For demonstrations or to present products and other mission critical activity, via the Internet, the International Centre highly recommends Customer(s) purchase hardwired services. If you are unsure which of our products will best suit your needs, please call our Telecommunications office at (905) 678-5615. Restrictions and Special Requests. Due to the extensive coverage the International Centre provides for the Facility, NO Customer provided access points are authorized for use within the Facility without the Telecommunications Departments prior approval. Customers who attempt to set up their own wireless system can interfere with the International Centres Wireless Network. The International Centre requires all Customers showcasing their wireless products to contact the International Centre 21 days prior to the show move-in so that we may engineer a cohesive network operating without interference. Misuse of any wireless service may result in service interruption to yourself or other Customers and can lead to disconnection of the Customers equipment. Unsecured Wireless Networks are not tolerated within the Facility. Your service will be disconnected if you are found to be broadcasting an unsecured wireless signal. ALL WIRELESS ACCESS POINTS NOT AUTHORIZED BY THE INTERNATIONAL CENTRE ARE PROHIBITED. By using or activating an account, I hereby attest that I understand the limitations and vulnerabilities of the wireless service provided by the International Centre. I also understand that if I use this service for any reason including, but not limited to, demonstrating, showcasing or presenting my product(s), the International Centre will not be responsible for possible interference that I may experience. Refunds will not be given for service issues found not to be the fault of the International Centre.

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