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UK Music Retailers Ask Why They Should Pay Performance Licenses To Play Music When They're Trying To Sell The Music

from the seems-like-a-fair-point dept

We've had plenty of stories about music collections agencies shaking down various businesses for playing music -- and over in the UK a fight is apparently brewing over whether or not music retailers should have to pay such fees. As you might imagine, the collection agencies say of course such retailers should pay. But the retailers point out that they're trying to sell the music directly and letting them play the music freely will help them do that. Apparently (I had no idea), in the US, record stores have an exemption from paying licensing agencies. But not so in the UK.
"These license fees imposed on record stores are iniquitous and in my view should be abolished," said UK-based Entertainment Retail Association (ERA) president Paul Quirk in a speech to members on Wednesday, while squarely pointing to "industry bodies like PRS and PPL who still pursue record stores for license fees in order to play music, promote music and ultimately to sell music."
Can you imagine running any other business this way? A bakery that wants to sell you cakes, but has to pay a separate "performance rights fee" to the baker? Don't see that working..

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  1. icon
    Karl (profile), 22 Nov 2011 @ 12:20am


    Didn't know us record stores were exempt either. surprised more shopkeepers aren't exploiting it

    You know what's surprising about this comment?

    That record stores have been exempt during their entire existence, and yet you think that the law is a license for shopkeepers to exploit it.

    You sound like one of those douchebags who thinks the royalty system for terrestrial radio is "akin to piracy."

    Or, you're being sarcastic. That may be the case. It's a sad state of affairs when sarcasm is indistinguishable from genuine sentiment.

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