One Entertainment Business Publication Sues Another For Copyright Infringement For Having The Same Stories

from the idea-expression,-nikki dept

Nikki Finke, the infamous editor of is apparently suing the Hollywood Reporter for copyright infringement... because it wrote stories on the same news events as Seriously. Here's Finke's quote:
"PMC (the company that owns is taking a stand against desperate and copycat news organizations and media outlets such as THR that constantly monitor PMC’s websites for the sole purpose of copying and imitating PMC websites’ news stories and original content within minutes after online publication. These copycat media outlets such as THR, rather than conducting their own independent reporting and investigation, developing their own sources and insiders, and generating their own leads and stories, simply steal PMC’s content and pawn it off as their own. In truth, THR, faced with the harsh reality that it had become a second-rate entertainment industry news source unable to attract insiders’ attention anymore."
THR, for its part, claims the whole thing is ridiculous, and many of the stories mentioned were on both sites because Hollywood publicists sent the same info to both sites:
"An initial review of the complaint shows that it is replete with examples of stories that originated from widely-released press releases from publicists, or widespread confirmations from publicists to numerous outlets, including both The Hollywood Reporter and It is not copyright infringement to report these stories, even if on occasion posts them first."
While I don't always agree with THR's coverage, on this one, I'm on their side. Reporting on the same story -- even if you find out about it from the other site -- is not copyright infringement. It's often how news works. Someone should explain to Finke the idea/expression dichotomy in copyright law, as well as the important tidbit of information that you can't own facts, and others are free to write about the same facts.

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    Hephaestus (profile), 22 Sep 2011 @ 10:38am

    Re: What IS it with communication companies?

    "Print, movies, music. ALL of these companies are basically in the business of communicating with people, regardless of the medium. Why do almost all of them do it so BADLY?"


    Several hundred years of monopoly status has caused the evolution of a new form of humam. Monopolus Stagnatus Sapiens, they are a throw back to an earlier time in human evolution. While Monopolus Stagnatus Sapiens looks like Homo Sapien Sapiens, there are several distinct differences. Monopolus Stagnatus have lost the ability to adapt to changing situations, are easily frustrated, rationalize continuosly, have lost the ability to make fire or use tools, and believe that all things belong to them.

    Most in the scientific community believe that, with humanity encroaching on their domain, they will be extinct in less that 20 years. The belief is that the subspecies Reporticus will go first, followed by Musicus, and finally Filimicus. Genetic sample are being saved to prevent this genetic aberation from occuring again in the future.

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