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The Democratization Of Culture: PressPausePlay

from the talking-about-culture dept

Nearly two years ago, while at a conference in Norway, I sat down with some folks putting together a documentary called PressPausePlay, which is all about the democratization of culture, and the views many people have -- positive, negative, indifferent, weird, etc. -- on that changing landscape. It's taken a couple years, but the movie is finally out (I got to see a version earlier this year at SXSW), and with it, the filmmakers are releasing longer versions of all of the interviews they did on YouTube -- including mine, which you can see below:
Even if it's two years old, and slightly out of date, I still think the discussion is pretty relevant -- though, the whole section on Jill Sobule may seem a bit quaint with the success of platforms like Kickstarter. Anyway, there are a ton of other videos worth checking out as well, and I'm embedding a few of them after the jump (i.e., if you're in RSS or on the front page, you'll need to click through to see them).Moby on how amazing it is to make music:
Hilary Rosen, former head of the RIAA, talking about how amazing and scary Napster was -- and the external forces pushing the RIAA:
Sean Parker, giving the view from the other side of the table:
Bill Drummond, artist/musician on the impact of the disruption in the music world:
Shamal Ranasinghe, TopSpin founder, talking about enabling artists to embrace what the tech allows:
Ze Frank, on the nature of participatory internet culture:
Hank Shocklee, musician/producer probably most well known for Public Enemy and The Bomb Squad, talking about how the process of creating music has changed:
Niklas Zennstrom, founder of Kazaa, Skype and now Rdio
Keith Harris, manager for Stevie Wonder, and involved in a variety of other music industry efforts
Matt Mason, author of The Pirate's Dilemma:
Olafur Arnalds, Icelandic musician, discussing his experiment in connecting with his fans online:
Martin Thörnkvist, manager/record label owner, media expert talking about how the world has changed, and how the role of middlemen has changed:
Honestly, this is just a small sample of the interviews that were done. Have fun checking them out...

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 22 Sep 2011 @ 8:19am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: A question for you, Mike

    Oh, the movie and music people don't want 1990 again. They just want everything to operate within the law. If you don't like the law, change it.

    Oh don't you worry. Masnick is all over this. Why just recently he put together an anti-Protect IP Act letter from a handful of so-called "leading tech entrepreneurs" (many of whom have had their own legal problems related to infringing on the content of others). Then he shrewdly managed to get Rep. Polis to send it around as a "Dear Colleague" letter. Apparently neither see the inherent stupidity of talking down a Senate bill to the House of Representatives. Why wouldn't you keep your powder dry until the House bill drops? Or why wouldn't you try to get Wyden to shop the letter? My guess is that he's too smart for that and already is feeling enough heat from his hold, which tells me his balls are starting to wither.

    All this ham-handed move did was to confirm that Polis is a nitwit (for taking part) and that a group of infringers wants the House to know they oppose a Senate bill that attacks infringing. Brilliant!!!

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