EU Parliament Member Asks EU Commission What It Will Do If Italy Approves One Strike Copyright Law

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We recently wrote about a ridiculous copyright law being proposed in Italy, that could ban people from using the internet based on a single accusation of infringement. As we noted, the law did not appear to agree with overall EU law. Some in the EU Parliament are taking notice. MEP Marietje Schaake has now officially posed a Parliamentary question to the EU Commission questioning how it would respond to such a law:
Via the press it has come to my attention that the Italian Parliament is currently considering a draft law by which internet users can be disconnected and blacklisted if they have been accused on an intellectual property infringement. The accusation does not necessarily need to originate from the rights holder of the work in question.

The draft law as it is proposed, violates several EU laws and principles, including:

- Article 1(3a) of the telecoms package, amending the Framework Directive 2002/21/EC,
- Article 6 ECHR concerning a fair trail
- Article 10 ECHR concerning the freedom to seek, receive and impart information,
- The principles of necessity and proportionality, and,
- Depending on implementation, the exemptions of intermediary liability in E-Commerce Directive 2000/31/EC,

Does the Commission agree the Italian proposal is in violation with EU laws and principles? If not, why not? What concrete action will the Commission undertake to put a halt to measures being implemented by Member States by which citizens may be disconnected from the internet?
While it will be interesting to see how the EU Commission responds, just the fact that such questions are being asked should hopefully generate some attention to this awful proposal.

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  1. identicon
    ASTROBOI, 21 Sep 2011 @ 5:41am

    Scare of the week?

    It seems that the fear of file sharing has finally reached critical mass. No longer is it necessary to invent figures showing losses, no longer necessary to make up silly stories about low level workers losing their jobs, it is only necessary to bitch about the act itself which is now seen as evil all on its own. So file sharing joins the great scares of the past. We had the Red Scare, fear that commies were everywhere. We had the Satanic Panic, fear that every day care center was a secret coven that turned little kids into sacrifices to the devil. We had the Missing Child scare that generated the face on the milk carton that continues to this day. Never mind that most of the kids were not missing at all. So, we wait it out. And like the Video Nasty scare in Britain, eventually the fear-mongers will find something new to tremble about and we will get our movies at last. Chalk it up to human nature.

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