Lacoste Asks Police To Stop Norwegian Mass Killer Anders Breivik From Wearing Its Clothes

from the one-thinks-they-might-have-more-important-things-to-work-on dept

LawPUNK alerts us to an odd sort of Streisand Effect situation in Norway. Apparently, clothing brand Lacoste has asked police to block Anders Brievik from wearing its clothes. Breivik, of course, is the guy in Norway who recently went on a cold-blooded murderous rampage, killing dozens at a summer camp. Apparently, Lacoste is one of his favorite clothing brands -- something that you or I would probably not know at all... until the company decided to let the world know by asking the police to stop him from wearing its clothing in court.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 12 Sep 2011 @ 11:00am

    And if he was wearing a TD t-shirt that would be just fine?

    This hardly seems to be a big deal. One can certainly understand why a company might not want its logo appearing on the clothing of someone like this murderer.

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