Canadian Politician Secretly Asked US To Ramp Up Diplomatic Pressure To Pass Draconian Anti-Consumer Copyright Law

from the selling-out-your-own-citizens dept

Michael Geist recently wrote about some more leaked State Department cables concerning copyright policy in a foreign country -- this time in his home country of Canada, where, as we've seen pretty much everywhere else, when it comes to copyright policy, everything shows the close handiwork of American interests. In fact, one cable Geist highlights concerns a Canadian politician promising US diplomats that they can see a copy of the copyright reform proposal before it's even introduced in Parliament. Even more ridiculous is the fact that a Canadian bureaucrat, Zoe Addington, then the director of policy for Industry Minister Tony Clement, flat out told the Americans that some in the Canadian government wanted the US to put Canada on its "naughty list" of pirate havens (better known as the "Special 301" list), claiming that such a designation would be helpful in ramming through draconian anti-consumer copyright laws. Pretty hard for Canadian politicians to continue to insist that its copyright reform efforts are not "made in America" when you see a story like this.

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    Di Fiasco (profile), 8 Sep 2011 @ 4:37am

    Canadian politicians have been in the pockets of Canadian Media Corporations for decades. Where else in the world can you find a country where the ENTIRE palette of media is owned by 3 companies?

    Challenge: How do you bribe a politician to help you legislate more money out of consumers without making that politician look like he's betraying his own constituents?

    Answer: Ask politician to contact counterpart in U.S. to do the dirty-work in the name of protecting 'American Intellectual Interests' so to appear 'uninvolved' and then Canadian politician can 'agree' and defend lobby by claiming it protects crucial interests and confidence with U.S. trading partners.

    Finally, take both politicians on fully-expensed holiday to some 6-star resort in Dubai, have someone take lots of secret photos whilef scantily-clad call girls hand each a suitcase full of cash; and then threaten their existence with public humiliation and prison if they ever refuse to support the new measures.

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