AT&T Takes A Lesson From Banks: Will Now Charge You For Not Using Enough Long Distance

from the a-sign-of-things-to-come dept

Sometimes you wonder if there's some sort of competition between airlines, banks and telcos as to who can come up with the more ridiculous "fees" to add. AT&T, which last we checked, was still trying to get a merger approved that it claims will benefit customers, has now decided to add a $2/month fee for people who don't have a long-distance plan. In other words, pay more, for less! This comes on top of a whole series of other ways to limit consumer choice while increasing what they have to pay. As Broadband Reports notes:
AT&T imposed new usage caps on broadband users without making sure the meters work. They followed that up by cracking down on unofficial tetherers (imposing a fee for doing nothing while crippling smartphones) and then substantially jacking up the price of SMS service by killing off one of their most popular SMS plans.
But have no fear, once AT&T gets T-Mobile and there's even less competition in the mobile space, we're sure that such practices will only... er... increase.

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  1. identicon
    out_of_the_blue, 26 Aug 2011 @ 6:38pm

    "some sort of competition between airlines, banks and telcos"

    "as to who can come up with the more ridiculous "fees" to add."

    Gosh, Mike, I think you've at last noticed... capitalism! The dark side where vast corporations are ALL arrayed against The People. Corporations engage in monetary predation at every opportunity, snatching dollars out of the jaws of rivals, even eating each other: used to be called "dog eat dog", but that mild variety is now over, and if the new phase is left unchecked, corporations are going to eat civliization itself.

    You keep exampling the horrors of the system, yet never mention the cure of regulating the heck out of corporations, even defend S&P after stating that they knowingly lied.

    Well. Longest comment so far in this thread, now I'm going back into the blue until bright and early Monday.

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