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    Zot-Sindi, 23 Aug 2011 @ 7:28am

    Re: I think i get it......

    i didn't spend much time in school (homeschooled, mainly) but for the very very short time i was there i recall very vividly being taught how to share

    infact if you DIDN'T share it was considered selfish in a bad way aswell as sort of rude

    neither of my parents where really aware of this copyright fiasco and told me you could pretty much use/copy/download/modify/share whatever, i still to this day have a hard time explaining the truth to them, they aren't the only ones, it seems that for most people it's completely unthinkable

    it was crazy for the 8 year old me at the time to go from learning sharing/copying/modifying/downloading/whatever was perfectly OK and then seeing a COMPLETE 180 shift over to the exact opposite

    oh yeah, i was supposed to just "know" that it is like that, i got into a lot of trouble in those early days for it too, nevermind it went against everything i was taught directly

    didn't these people ever go to school????

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