Modern Art: $5 Million Worth Of Unauthorized Downloads On A Hard Drive On Display

from the can't-be-too-many-songs dept

TheNextWeb has an amusing story about a new art exhibit, called 5 Million Dollars, 1 Terabyte which is, of course, merely a hard drive with some unauthorized downloads on it. There's apparently a pdf file that lists out what's on the hard drive, but as with the author of the article, I was unable to get it to open. Of course, given how the industry seems to value "infringement" these days, I would imagine it doesn't need that many files to reach $5 million.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 23 Aug 2011 @ 6:21am

    Re: Contents of the PDF file.

    Still perplexed on where they get the numbers from. Merely their market value? Certainly most of these must be registered with the copyright office and "worth" 150K per infringement

    (and in the case of, say, NES/SNES/GBC/NeoGeo/etc ROMs, old PC games, and so on, the value is questionable because even Nintendo can't figure out all the license-holders and cut deals with them to get them on Virtual Console, so the market value is more like $0 because nobody's around to sell OR sue)

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