Police Try To Bring Wiretapping Charges Against Woman Who Filmed Them Beating A Man

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For the past year, we've talked a lot about how police and some courts have been abusing wiretapping laws to go after people who film the police in public. Thankfully, more recently, it appears that more and more courts have been smacking down such lawsuits, and those who are bringing them are regularly being scolded. Not everyone has received the message however. For example, there's police officer Michael Sedergren, who was disciplined for an incident in November of 2009, in which police were caught on video beating a guy named Melvin Jones III. The video was made by a woman named Tyrisha Greene. Jones had bones all over his face broken and became partially blind in one eye.

You would think that Sedergren, who was suspended for 45 days for his actions in the video, would know better and just get on with his life. Instead, he's "filed an application for a criminal complaint" against Greene, saying she violated wiretapping laws in filming him without his permission. Everyone involved knows the law is not intended for situations like this, where an officer of the law is out in public. If this officer's response to being filmed involved in questionable activities is to push for criminal charges against the person who caught him doing it, it seems like he does not deserve to be an officer of the law at all any more. What a massive abuse of the law.

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  1. identicon
    Your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian, 15 Aug 2011 @ 12:46pm

    Re: Re: A police officer, not The Police

    I understand that your comment is incited by anger at the police officers who did this act and those who allowed it to happen. The anger is justified. They should all be held responsible for their actions, and the department should review it's policies (and conscience). But, that was not my point.

    If I file suit against someone I deal with at and in the course of my job the headlines shouldn't read "The Library files suit...", because it is me personally doing it. In this action I am NOT representing the library. "A Librarian files suit..." is fine, and accurate.

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