Rent Is Too Damn High Guy Increasing Rent For Others Because His Rent Is Too Damn Low

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Lots of people got a kick out of the "rent is too damn high" guy, Jimmy McMillan, running for governor of New York last year. He certainly was entertaining. However, it appears that McMillan's own rent may be too damn low... meaning that he's a part of the damn reason that the rent is too damn high in New York. It turns out that McMillan's landlords are trying to evict him from his rent controlled East Village apartment for which he pays $872.96 a month. That's crazy cheap for an apartment in the East Village. What he doesn't seem to recognize is that when the laws keep the rent on certain properties artificially low compared to the market, that's a huge part of the reason why "the rent is too damn high" for everyone else. If McMillan really wanted to lower the rent, he'd work to get rid of widespread rent control, as that would help drive down the prices of rent in certain areas.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 8 Aug 2011 @ 3:58am

    Re: Re:

    At least you could have made an attempt to explain why you think that removing rent controls would lower rents. A link to studies showing that this was indeed the case would have been even better, you know, to show that there was substance to your claims.

    As it is, all you seem to have it's a little quip and that is really sad.

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