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    Gabriel Tane (profile), 1 Aug 2011 @ 2:00pm

    Re: Re: Re:

    "Oh Gabriel, why would a citation be needed? Since the creation of fair use, there has been plenty of well documented and well discussed expansion of it."
    When you say things like 'well documented' and 'well discussed' without citations, people (rightfully) think you're pulling things out of your ass. And if it is so 'well documented', leaving out the citations is lazy at best... dishonest at worst.

    "One only has to look at the results of the VHS taping debate to know that."
    You and I have a different opinion of "know" and "expand". I look at the VHS (and other such situations) as the spirit of Fair Use being applied to new technology that has never been addressed before. Since the spirit has not been changed, I wouldn't call that 'expansion' in the same tone you use.

    " As for Nina's cartoon, I disagree with the opinion, I find it to be without merit, and mostly the whining of someone still pissed off because she can't make a living on the back of other people's work."
    and your opinion has been noted and filed under "troll".

    "Perhaps you would like to stick to debating the concepts rather than going for mocking. It makes you sound like an idiot."
    Of what concepts would you be speaking? the only 'concept' (read: opinion) you brought forward that wasn't lacking in needed citation was that this cartoon is propoganda. Sorry, but I fail to see how that concept is worthy of anything but mockery... much less debate.

    I promise you... of the two of us, I'm not the one in danger of looking the fool.

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