Potential Lulz: Security Experts Think UK Police Tricked Into Arresting The Wrong Person Over LulzSec Hacks

from the now-wouldn't-that-be-funny dept

Police in the UK recently reported that they had arrested a hacker who goes by the name Topiary, and often acts as the spokesperson for LulzSec. There's just one problem. A number of the people who follow LulzSec closely (and who have attempted to expose who they really are) note that much of the evidence they have suggests that Topiary is someone entirely different, and that the real Topiary purposely copied his "identity" from a "troll." They're suggesting that the police caught the "troll" instead of the real Topiary. At this point, who knows what's the actual situation, but it wouldn't surprise me if the folks involved in LulzSec were slightly better at covering their tracks (or using misdirection) than the police were at tracking them...

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 31 Jul 2011 @ 7:50am

    Re: "A group calling themselves the Web Ninjas..."

    The funny part is that for the most part, these hacker groups seem to be a couple of intelligent people and bunch of children they have tricked into doing the dirty work for them.

    LOIC is a perfect example. Nobody with even half a brain would turn that thing on, yet many did and many have been arrested as a result. None of the leaders of these groups would get caught dead with LOIC running on their machines. They need the sheeple to do the work, and most of those are in the 12 - 18 year old range, running out of Mom's basement or at best their college dorm room. They are the idiots of the revolution, the "ensign with the different colored uniform" of hacktivism.

    In the end, the leaders have to communicate to their sheeple, and that will always be the weak point. There will be logs, there will be connections made, and there will be exposure. Soon enough, one of the idiots at the top will get caught, and he will sing like a canary and everyone else will fall down with them, because he (or she) isn't going to want to do a long stretch in prison while everyone else plays GTA and posts naughty pics on anon.

    tick tick tick... the 15 minutes is almost up.

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