Potential Lulz: Security Experts Think UK Police Tricked Into Arresting The Wrong Person Over LulzSec Hacks

from the now-wouldn't-that-be-funny dept

Police in the UK recently reported that they had arrested a hacker who goes by the name Topiary, and often acts as the spokesperson for LulzSec. There's just one problem. A number of the people who follow LulzSec closely (and who have attempted to expose who they really are) note that much of the evidence they have suggests that Topiary is someone entirely different, and that the real Topiary purposely copied his "identity" from a "troll." They're suggesting that the police caught the "troll" instead of the real Topiary. At this point, who knows what's the actual situation, but it wouldn't surprise me if the folks involved in LulzSec were slightly better at covering their tracks (or using misdirection) than the police were at tracking them...

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  1. identicon
    Michael Lockyear, 29 Jul 2011 @ 4:58am

    The masterminds behind LulzSec and Anonymous have established that they are competent hackers.

    A competent hacker will access the internet from an open / hacked wifi connection / university internet lab, and route his / her handy-work through a network of rooted servers (spread around the world), with possibly a VPN (paid for with stolen credit card) and/ or TOR thrown in for good measure.

    If the authorities are able to trace an attack through this web to its origin (and this in itself is unlikely) the person that they will arrest will be a hapless idiot with an insecure wifi account / or rooted machine. Of course anyone of us could be that hapless idiot as the hackers have demonstrated that they are able to make "experts" from law enforcement and internet security companies look like infants.

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