Hotfile Claims Warner Bros. Issued Takedowns On Content It Had No Copyright Over

from the uh-ohs dept

The legal battle between cyberlocker Hotfile and the MPAA continues to heat up. After a judge severely undercut a key claim of the MPAA, the MPAA has been acting petulantly, refusing to hand over certain documents under discovery to Hotfile. The MPAA claims it would reveal their secret "anti-piracy" plans... but the real issue may be that Hotfile believes that Warner Bros. used Hotfile's takedown tool to remove content over which it had no copyright. That would be a no-no and would certainly make the case that much more interesting...

Filed Under: dmca, takedown
Companies: hotfile, mpaa, warner bros.

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  1. identicon
    That Anonymous Coward, 28 Jul 2011 @ 1:51am

    But all your copyright is belongs to us.
    We are just helping our copyright brothers out.
    Laws do not apply to our scared copyrights!

    So what if we took down content we aren't even remotely sure is ours.
    So what if we took down content we didn't own.
    They are pirates and because they break the law, we need to break the law!

    This is different than the bogus DMCA takedowns?
    There is rarely if ever anything done when they abuse the laws they demand be put into place to protect them.
    Copyright is meant to be of benefit to the producers of content, but also to the public... I think we've forgotten that the people are supposed to get anything other than screwed out of these laws.

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