Hotfile Claims Warner Bros. Issued Takedowns On Content It Had No Copyright Over

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The legal battle between cyberlocker Hotfile and the MPAA continues to heat up. After a judge severely undercut a key claim of the MPAA, the MPAA has been acting petulantly, refusing to hand over certain documents under discovery to Hotfile. The MPAA claims it would reveal their secret "anti-piracy" plans... but the real issue may be that Hotfile believes that Warner Bros. used Hotfile's takedown tool to remove content over which it had no copyright. That would be a no-no and would certainly make the case that much more interesting...

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Companies: hotfile, mpaa, warner bros.

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    G Thompson (profile), 28 Jul 2011 @ 1:58am

    I love how they are trying to state the same bullshit response of "trade secrets" that AFACT tried in the iiNet case here in Australia a while ago. Even more interesting when their protection order request lists the likes of DtecNet, BayTSP, Peer Media, OpSec Security and MiMTiD as possible protectees.

    There is a simple answer to all this, only allow solicitors/attorneys for both sides to access the Discovery evidence under an 'in camera' system with any experts having to sign court sanctioned and court created Non-Disclosure Agreements.

    I sign these things all the time, it's not hard and if any information, be it Secrets or whatever that is ever leaked by myself can land me in contempt of court at the very least.

    This way no bias is shown to the evidence in any way, and nothing nefarious or otherwise can be construed by EITHER side. This is the best and most likely easiest equitable solution.

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