by Mike Masnick

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54-Year Old School Teacher Who Doesn't Know How To Download Movies First To Be Kicked Off The Internet In France

from the hadopi'd dept

We recently noted that, over in France, under the HADOPI three strikes regime, they had their first 10 people get their third strike, and each was being reviewed to see if they should lose their connection. Well, it looks like the first guy has lost his connection... and it's a 54-year old school teacher who insists he has no idea how to download unauthorized content. The story is a little unclear, but it sounds like he had open WiFi, and he didn't understand what the "first strike," was really about. When he got the "second strike" notice, he tried to figure out how to secure his WiFi, but it either took too long or he was unable to figure it out... and so along came the third strike. The guy is pretty upset about this, for a damn good reason. It's going to be ridiculously expensive to fight and it may get appealed up to European courts outside of France, which would entail significant travel expenses as well. This is why it's supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, right?

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    pahosler (profile), 25 Jul 2011 @ 8:16am

    secure computers

    are computers that are not attached to ANY outside source ever and are locked in a room where NO ONE has access to them. No matter what you measures you take with your wifi router, if someone wants access to your connection they will get it; wifi is notoriously easy to exploit and there are many "tools" available on the internet that make it a simple matter of clicking a mouse. You can even keep your SSID hidden and someone can still hack into your router; the SSID btw is the name your router broadcasts, like LINKSYS for example, that let you know which router you are connecting to. If someone is determined to use your router/access point there is little you can do about it except perhaps turn it off or disconnect it from the internet.

    Now, as far as ISP's not doing enough to set up routers etc for their customers because they don't want to spend the money... BULL HOCKEY!! They don't have to spend the money because they CHARGE A FEE to come set up the equipment for you, usually in the $99 dollar range. The customer has the option of doing a self installation to avoid having to pay for this. And are these people security pros as well as installation techs? They might know the basics. I've talked to several of them in the past and most of them really don't know much.

    Anyway, I'm glad we've got our wonderful big brother protecting us from double plus ungood low to mid-level income retards that can't keep their networks secure!

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