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54-Year Old School Teacher Who Doesn't Know How To Download Movies First To Be Kicked Off The Internet In France

from the hadopi'd dept

We recently noted that, over in France, under the HADOPI three strikes regime, they had their first 10 people get their third strike, and each was being reviewed to see if they should lose their connection. Well, it looks like the first guy has lost his connection... and it's a 54-year old school teacher who insists he has no idea how to download unauthorized content. The story is a little unclear, but it sounds like he had open WiFi, and he didn't understand what the "first strike," was really about. When he got the "second strike" notice, he tried to figure out how to secure his WiFi, but it either took too long or he was unable to figure it out... and so along came the third strike. The guy is pretty upset about this, for a damn good reason. It's going to be ridiculously expensive to fight and it may get appealed up to European courts outside of France, which would entail significant travel expenses as well. This is why it's supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, right?

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 25 Jul 2011 @ 4:29pm

    Re: Re: Re:

    "Governments don't pass laws to cater to anyone."


    "Often the desires of the majority have to be ignored for a greater good"

    Double lol.

    "An example would be drunk driving laws."

    I'm pretty sure most people agree that drunk driving laws are necessary. I doubt you can find such a consensus on the state of IP laws.

    All in all, this is four paragraphs of uninformed tripe. Your entire "Well we just need the government to hold our hands so the corporations can get their fair share" argument is exactly the kind of defeatist attitude that allows them to push these kinds of laws onto the majority. There is no good that can come from circumventing already-existing legal models in place of models that seem to think that guilty is the default state of a person and that an IP = a person.

    Of course, judging by your posting history, I'm likely going to get a typical "well ur just a freetard" response.

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