Swedish Appeals Court Increases File Sharing Fine By A Factor Of Six

from the this-isn't-helping dept

Earlier this year, we wrote about a guy who was found guilty of file sharing 44 songs in Sweden, but after the court realized that the actual "harm" done by the guy was minimal, he was fined about 2,000 kronor, a total of about $300 -- or approximately $7 per song. If you think that there needs to be some punishment for file sharing, then this at least seems reasonably in line and proportional to the offense. Of course, Swedish prosecutors appealed and not only sought to increase the fines, but also asked for jailtime for the guy. Talk about disproportionate punishment! Thankfully, the court turned down the jail time request, but it did increase the fine more than six times to 13,000 kronor or about $2,000. This is, still, a lot less than similar cases in the US, but it still seems way out of line for any "harm" done.

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    Miratus (profile), 26 Jul 2011 @ 8:48am

    Re: Re: Let's try to keep an open mind...?

    If you wish to quote Robert A. Heinlein, maybe you should consider attributing the quote? It is actually quite good, so I have taken the liberty of doing it for you... you're welcome! ;)

    And yeah, so that makes ... say Charles Manson a 'free man'in your view? I suppose there is an existentialist argument to be made to that effect, but it is not really an ethical road I'd like to see society going down, do you? Pure classical anarchic philosophy is certainly idealistic: "every human being is only responsible and subject to itself". Like most idealistic views (communism, capitalism, christianity, buddhism), it tends to have the drawback that people *can* be egotistic bastards who kill, maim, (mass-)murder, rape, pillage and ... well, generally do despicable as well as wonderful things.

    Anyhow, taking responsibility for your own actions is a fine thing and the basis of moral thought, so kudos to Heinlein. Just don't expect your society and neighbors not to have views on your actions.

    You might even learn something: after all, to quote Heinlein: "I never learned from a man who agreed with me." ;)

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