Swedish Appeals Court Increases File Sharing Fine By A Factor Of Six

from the this-isn't-helping dept

Earlier this year, we wrote about a guy who was found guilty of file sharing 44 songs in Sweden, but after the court realized that the actual "harm" done by the guy was minimal, he was fined about 2,000 kronor, a total of about $300 -- or approximately $7 per song. If you think that there needs to be some punishment for file sharing, then this at least seems reasonably in line and proportional to the offense. Of course, Swedish prosecutors appealed and not only sought to increase the fines, but also asked for jailtime for the guy. Talk about disproportionate punishment! Thankfully, the court turned down the jail time request, but it did increase the fine more than six times to 13,000 kronor or about $2,000. This is, still, a lot less than similar cases in the US, but it still seems way out of line for any "harm" done.

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    Jay (profile), 26 Jul 2011 @ 7:37am

    Re: Re: Re: Re:

    "As for your opinion, I can definitely understand that you would think that, but I don't see it that way. If I write one good song/painting/book in my youth, beg, crawl and dance to finally get it published, but it only becomes a hit only many decades later, how do I profit from the book sales without IP? "

    Uhm... That has actually happened. Edgar Allen Poe pretty much died penniless. Pablo Picasso, same story. Not everyone will benefit through copyright law. Hell, not everyone will reach the upper peaks of society. That doesn't mean that I should have the right to sue because my expression of an idea is similar to another, forcing only one person to benefit by taking away someone else's right to the idea...

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