Celine Dion Shuts Down Blog Of Ridiculous Pictures

from the publicity-rights-gone-mad dept

It's not entirely clear what's going on here, but someone anonymous has pointed us to a post on a blog that was supposedly posting "ridiculous pictures of Celine Dion" (that's the name of the blog) that says the site got a legal nastygram from Dion's lawyers, claiming infringement. They don't provide details of what they think about the site is infringing (copyright? publicity rights?), so it's tough to analyze the specific legal issues, though I can't see how they have much of a legitimate case. Either way, whoever runs the site has agreed to take it down, because the cost of defending it is too high. Of course, that's what Celine Dion's lawyers were hoping for anyway. So the blog is gone, though it did leave this one image as the avatar of the user who put together the site:
In the meantime, how thin skinned and vain a celebrity must you be to shut down a blog showing funny pictures of you? The person who ran the blog notes that it was "superfans" who were using the site, and now they're all shut out of having some fun around a celebrity they like because she's got aggressive lawyers. Sad.

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  1. icon
    charliebrown (profile), 21 Jul 2011 @ 9:29am

    Been waiting YEARS to "publish" this

    >>>Sung to the tune of "My Heart Will Go On"
    Every night in my room
    I hear it, I fear it
    The high pitched voice of Ms Dion
    They play it on the AM
    The TV, The FM
    You cannot escape this song
    Near, far, wherever you are
    You will hear this damn song** and
    This song just drags on and on

    **even though it came out almost 15 years ago now! She had better songs but the radio stations keep playing this frikken one!

    Seriously, I like Celine Dion apart from THAT song I parodied above. And taking down those pictures? Low. She clearly has the world's worst publicist or something along those lines.

    Incidentally, under section 203, that song parody is allowed to stay on this site unless the editors of the site deem otherwise. It is also "fair use" by being a parody. So too bad if Ms Dion's lawyers don't like it. Only Techdirt staff can take it down. And you can't get them in trouble if they don't! Nyah!

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