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Microsoft Opens Its WiFi Data Collection Source Code; Why Doesn't Google Do The Same?

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Google's been facing a lot of difficulty lately due to its ridiculously dumb implementation of its WiFi access point data collection software. Lots of companies use such software to try to create a location map that can be used in the absence of GPS. Both Microsoft and Apple have similar projects, and yet it's really only Google that's gotten in trouble for theirs, mainly for the way it collected data. Now comes the news that Microsoft is releasing the source code of their WiFi data collection software, which only serves to raise more questions about why Apple and Google haven't done the same.

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  1. identicon
    darryl, 11 Jul 2011 @ 9:44pm

    Re: World upside down

    What is it comong to ?

    It is simply are seeing of reality, as opposed to some dream world.

    MS has been releasing huge amounts of freely available source code for years and years, with far less strings attached to them than for example FOSS puts on theirs.

    So it is no real change, just a realisation of what is really happening and not what people 'tell' you what is happening. (to suit their own particular bias).

    It also goes to the fact that as far as "open source" and google are concerned it means, "what we can use, as long as we do not have to put anything back, or pay any money".

    Google is one of (if not THE) most closed, proprietary IP and insular than any other company in the "IT" industry, (allthough you cannot call Google an IT company, as their business is advertising sales, not software or services)...

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