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by Mike Masnick

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NASA Sues Astronaut, Claiming He Stole Space Camera... 40 Years Ago

from the laches,-anyone? dept

With the Space Shuttle program ending, it appears that NASA has some spare time on its hands... and it's using it to sue a former astronaut for trying to auction off a lunar movie camera that he claims he was given after becoming the sixth man to walk on the moon in 1971. Yes, he has had the camera for forty years, and it's just now that he was seeking to auction it off that NASA suddenly remembered it existed and is claiming that it owns it. Is there really no statute of limitations here? Or possibly a laches claim? Frankly, the whole thing just seems petty.

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  1. identicon
    darryl, 3 Jul 2011 @ 7:35am

    Re: Re: National Treasure

    yes right as if museum's are made of money !!

    Plus, if they buy it, they could be charged with receiving misappropriated government materiel.

    Or are you happy to apply the "possesion is 9/10th's of the law" ?

    Or the 'finders, keepers' statute ?

    Who is the museum going to buy it off ? the US Government ? as they are the only ones with the right to sell it.

    I know that if you wish to purchase government stock or equipment you have to go through a great deal of paperwork to ensure you can prove in the future that you did not steal it.

    That would apply to NASA as well, NASA does not simply run a 'car boot' sale after each mission to make a few extra dollars, or give away the company tresures to employees !!

    It may well have been provided to him as someone else stated, for his "show and tell" when he is on his speaking circuit, "Yes, kids this is the very camera I made this film with".

    With the full understanding that when he 'finished' with it he would GIVE IT BACK.

    Of Course, it is so easy to forget that bit.. :)

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