The End Of LulzSec Is Not The End Of Hactivism

from the don't-be-misled dept

Lots of news over the weekend concerning the surprise announcement that LulzSec -- the group of "hactivists-for-the-lulz" who were able to generate so much attention -- had announced plans to disband just a day or so after promising many more hacks. The speculation, of course, was that they realized that law enforcement might be closing in on some of them. The group, not surprisingly, denies all this and insists it always planned to call it quits about now anyway. I doubt this is true, but I don't think it really matters. I think the thing that people are underestimating is that LulzSec wasn't so much an "organization," as it was a group who got together in an ad hoc manner and decided to go on this hacking rampage. The point is that pretty much any group of decently skilled hackers could decide to do the same thing. Hell, the same group could decide to do the same thing under a different name. Between LulzSec, Anonymous and others, people are beginning to recognize that they can have a pretty big impact with some pretty straightforward hacks. That realization isn't going to go away any time soon.

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  1. identicon
    Jake, 27 Jun 2011 @ 4:30am


    I must respectfully disagree with your first numbered point. There is an upper limit to how many passwords one can memorise reliably, and one or two strong passwords that you've memorised is better than a dozen easily-guessed ones, or writing them down.

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