Tonight On Security Theater: After Hours Airport Antics Expose Security Tunnel Vision

from the pay-no-attention-to-the-men-beyond-the-checkpoint dept

We've written quite a bit, recently, about the more controversial actions of the TSA and their airport screening practices. And now there's a somewhat amusing story that demonstrates why many people think that doing things like groping little children -- and claiming that it's not only proper, but necessary -- is really just security theater. Two travelers, stranded at Dallas-Fort Worth airport, made the local news after filming themselves goofing around in the terminal, after hours. A DFW airport board member was not amused and vows that this kind of thing is "not going to happen again." However, this isn't the first time something like this has happened (though it might be a first at DFW), so it kind of makes you wonder why the security folks hadn't already taken steps to prevent this. Of course, it looks like these guys were just having fun, but doesn't it seem like a couple of guys wandering unchecked in a nearly empty terminal might be a bit more of a security risk than a toddler's underwear? Apparently, the experts don't think so:
Aviation security experts who have seen the video say it doesn’t show any major security concerns because the two guys were ticketed passengers who had already been screened by the TSA.
Hmm, so, the fact that they were "ticketed" and "already screened" means that there's nothing that they could have gotten their hands on, as they made their way through the terminal (at one point, entering the kitchen of a restaurant), that might pose a threat to other travelers? While I don't think anyone should be freaking out about these incidents, they do seem to lend credence to the idea that many of the actions taken by the TSA are just for show, while obvious security holes are left wide open. They'll go out of their way to make sure a baby isn't the next underwear bomber, but can't even send someone to remind some marauding men to stick to the designated passenger areas and quit messing with airport property? Good show.

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  1. identicon
    darryl, 18 Jun 2011 @ 11:42pm

    Re: Re: Forgot the rest of the planet did we ?

    The very definition of terrorism is that it is statistically insignificant, but but psycologically highly significant.

    Why does it have to be statistically significant before you consider doing something to mitigate that risk?

    So tornado's only kill a few people a year, so therefore you dont bother trying to detect and track tornado's ?

    Almost no one has been killed (statictically) from storm micro-bursts, but a massive amount of expense and time is spent on detecting micro-bursts, and in warning pilots of their existance.

    But according to you, as hardly anyone has been killed by it, we might as well ignore it!

    I also like that your "stats" are US ONLY, as if the rest of the world does not exist, and that other countries are also hit with terrorist attacks.

    Did you include japan ? or bali, or England ? or germany or afganistan or pakistan ? in your 'stats'?

    Oh, I see, you only counted Americans, not the people who died over Lockabie ? or in the london bombings or the japanese Om Surprime sect sarin attack ? or the bali bombing ? or the attack on the US embassy in Africa or the USS Cole attack ?

    what about the anthrax attack ? oh forgot that as well !!

    or the twin tower bombings in 1998 ? I could go on and on, but you get the idea. (we'll actually you appear not to have a clue that there is a world out there and things happen in it).

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