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by Mike Masnick

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China Seizes Websites, Clamps Down On Speech... Uses Copyright Infringement As The Excuse

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We noted recently that China had promised the US it would ramp up efforts to "stop online piracy" in China, though at about the same time, we also had noted that it had ramped up its online censorship apparatus. Once again, the two things go hand in hand, as China has shut down hundreds of sites, and put greater restrictions on the web, increasing the overall censorship via The Great Firewall of China. And... it's using copyright law as the excuse. Apparently some of the websites seized were distributing infringing files, so now China can claim that it's just doing the same thing the US is doing, when it puts massive restrictions on the internet and seizes websites.

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    DannyB (profile), 15 Jun 2011 @ 6:54am


    If they allow posting of any kind of messages that could potentially include links to infringing content then they are "enablers and facilitators". (Those are the words of copyright supporters here.)

    They accuse Google of being an "enabler and facilitator". If Google is a "rogue" website for merely linking (and automatically at that) to sites that actually host infringing material, then anyone can be considered a "rogue" site that is an "enabler and facilitator".

    But go after the actual site that is actually hosting infringing material? Heavens No! That would undermine the ability to continue to sue other "rogue" "enablers and facilitators" like Yahoo and Bing. Gee, this starts to sound very RightHaven like.

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