Man Tries To Patent Godly Powers; Justifies It By Pointing To Software & Business Method Patents

from the skilled-in-the-art dept

RichS was the first of a few of you to send in this bizarre story of a guy who tried to patent "Godly Powers." From the abstract:
Christopher Anthony Roller is a godly entity. “Granters” had been given my powers (acquired my powers) (via God probably). These “granters” have been receiving financial gain from godly powers. These “granters” may be using their powers without morals. Chris Roller wants exclusive right to the ethical use and financial gain in the use of godly powers on planet Earth. The design of godly-products have no constraints, just like any other invention, but the ethnic consideration of it’s use will likely be based on a majority vote of a group, similar to law creation. The commission I require could range from 0-100% of product price, depending on the product’s value and use.
While crazy, his argument actually relies on the same basic reasoning for why the USPTO has been approving software and business method patents:
"like software, godly powers is a method, and affects a machine. Like business methods, godly powers produces a useful, concrete, and tangible result, and that should be all that's needed for statutory material."
So perhaps the guy is trying to show the ridiculousness of software and business method patents. Or perhaps he's just crazy. Maybe both.

Patent examiner Tod Van Roy issued a "non-final rejection" on this patent, by noting "The specification has not described how one of ordinary skill in the art could make or use the claimed godly powers." Indeed. Eventually, there was a final rejection on the patent, though Roller apparently sent a "Miscellaneous Incoming Letter" at a later date as well, but the patent application is now considered abandoned. As for Roller and his godly powers, we hope he's using them for good.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 13 Jun 2011 @ 3:15pm

    This guy with a beard says he has prior art.

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