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Miami Beach Police Tried To Destroy Video From Bystanders, Holding Them At Gunpoint

from the the-right-to-film-police dept

DannyB was the first of a few folks to send in the latest story of police massively (and dangerously) overreacting to people filming them in public. This case involves police in Miami Beach, who filmed a fatal shooting by the police. Apparently, the police didn't like such things being caught on camera and reacted about as poorly as you can imagine:
First, police pointed their guns at the man who shot the video, according to a Miami Herald interview with the videographer

Then they ordered the man and his girlfriend out the car and threw them down to the ground, yelling “you want to be fucking paparazzi?”

Then they snatched the cell phone from his hand and slammed it to the ground before stomping on it. Then they placed the smashed phone in the videographer's back pocket as he was laying down on the ground

And finally, they took him to a mobile command center where they snapped his photo and demanded the phone again, then took him to police headquarters where they conducted a recorded interview with him before releasing him.
Turns out the last laugh was on the police. The guy whose phone it was had removed the SD card from the phone, which contained the video, and had it in his mouth the whole time. The video itself is now available on YouTube. It's pretty intense (and NSFW with the sound on). It shows the initial shooting, and then all the way up to the point where the same police who just opened fire on someone else are pointing their guns at the guy doing the filming, as he sits in his car. I have no idea how he was able to get the SD card out and in his mouth before police seized the phone:
This is all pretty scary no matter how you look at it, and it's really troubling, yet again, to see such a brazen abuse of the law by law enforcement officials who think that it's somehow against the law to film their actions in public.

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  1. identicon
    Bad_Cops_R_Criminals_Too, 23 Jun 2013 @ 2:27am

    We, the people have the power to change this crap. Here's how!

    Again and again dumbass citizens who see this stuff, do not voice their opinions and make complaints about as many of these wrongdoings by police at all. Instead the dumbass citizens among us simply watch something, speak on how messed up it is and then get back to their lives.

    Everyone needs to make a complaint about this, EVERYONE and all cops needs to know that NONE of this shit is acceptable. Who is safe from the criminals on both sides of the badge if cops get away with anything they want unless we have evidence that prevents them from SLITHERING out of any crevices due to solid evidence?

    Contact the White House, and use your power to vote out police chief's, etc. that sit back and slap a "justified" seal of approval on the actions of bad police. If they are able to get away with things how can we protect ourselves knowing they are aware that they can abuse their power and get away with it? That's a fucking brat with a badge, and its a perfect example of how children act with parents who do not discipline them. If you don't do what they like, even if its good, they will throw a fit resulting in you being beaten, arrested, killed, raped, etc. and them being able to simply... walk away able to do it again.

    We are the citizens of this nation, we vote, we the people are the ones that collectively deciding which ones deserve to be placed in positions of power that affect us, and we need to acknowledge that power and put our full down to the bullshit that has been going on for far too long.

    If a bully can't beat or kill another child in school, why is it alright for an officer of the law to do so to another person?

    If a person in the medical field is not able to harm a patient that needs to be restrained, then why can an officer of the law even when they aren't simply defending themselves?

    Defense would be them fighting off an attacker, not beating the piss out of someone they have already restrained, is not resisting, or have enough officers present to easily overpower the individual and cuff them accordingly? Some officers just like to get rough, and citizens cannot trust these officers.

    If you are a fellow officer of a cop doing wrong, and you don't report it, then you support their wrong doing; the same applies to police chiefs, judges, etc.

    If someone isn't following the law, they are breaking the law, and if a cop is doing that, then they are nothing more than the law breakers they arrest (this doesn't include the innocent people that are arrested after being accosted, etc.).

    Don't be afraid, as many people as possible just need to voice their comments and express the disapproval for cops doing wrong. A cop is paid to do what they are supposed to do, not what they want to do.

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