by Mike Masnick

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Entitlement? Spoiled Brats? Or Just Progress?

from the you-cannot-deny-what-technology-allows dept

A few people have pointed to Charlie Brooker's piece in which he suggests that people are so accustomed to "free" things online that they've become spoiled brats and feel "entitled" to things for free. This is hardly a new meme. We've been hearing it for over a decade in the debates over technology and how it disrupts business models by driving the price of things towards (or all the way to) free. But is it really entitlement? Or is it just a recognition of how progress works and the economics behind it?

I don't think people are complaining because they feel entitled, so much as they recognize the power of technology to provide these sorts of things and recognize that what technology allows cannot and will not be undone. I don't think that's about being "spoiled." I think it's about recognizing progress. Is it "spoiled" to use a telephone or email to communicate? Is it "spoiled" to travel by a car or airplane? Or is it just the march of progress that enabled these things, and which people are quite happy about using because it makes their lives better?

If anything, it seems like the sense of "entitlement" and the feelings of being "spoiled" is coming from those who wish to hold back progress, and to keep things the way they were in the past, rather than embracing what the technology and progress have enabled.

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    Zauber Paracelsus (profile), 8 Jun 2011 @ 11:01am

    Oh, the "entitlement to free" thing is real, but not in every case as this person appears to be suggesting. In Second Life, I've seen people react with rage if a business does not put out a few free items, almost like they believe that there is some kind of strict moral obligation to do so.

    Though, now that I think about it, they tend to be people with psychological problems, where they go into a rage if they don't get their way or if you don't bend over backwards to kiss their ass. In Second Life, we call such people "Drama Queens".

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