WIPO Commissioned Study On Intellectual Property Acting As A Barrier To Entry

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Eric Goldman points us to an interesting new study, put together by the Center on Law and Information Policy at Fordham Law School, done at the request of WIPO to look through all of the research on how intellectual property acts as a "barrier to entry," (pdf) within specific markets. The report itself isn't earth-shattering -- and, in fact, mostly just lists out all of the different studies it looked at. However, it is a source of nearly 500 research efforts on the question. Most of the research covers patents, but there was some in other areas as well. But the key point is the fact that these questions about how IP can hinder market entry are even being asked at all -- especially by a group like WIPO, who has a history of being somewhat maximalist on the topic, but has shown some signs of softening in the past few years. It's nice to see a group like WIPO even admitting that IP can be a barrier to entry, let alone commissioning a group to compile evidence on the topic.

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  1. identicon
    Gotcha, 11 Jun 2011 @ 8:54pm

    WIPO article actually strongly pro IP

    The WIPO article has some excellent quotes:
    "most authors agree that IP rights remain critical for the efficient functioning of markets"

    Even one of you Techdirt fools knows that the right to exclude someone from practicing an invention serves as a barrier to entry into the market for that invention. The founding fathers found that desirable to reward inventors in order to promote progress.

    WIPO merely attempted in this study to assemble the articles describing the barrier effect and then concluded that the consensus is it's a good thing for developed countries, but that there are widely varying views as to whether IP protection is good for developing countries. Since we are in the US not the Congo, this article says strong IP protection is good for us .

    Leave it to Techdirt to try to distort that into something critical of IP when it is just the opposite. You clowns are pathetic dupes of Masnick.

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