French Court Says Merely Having The Word 'Torrent' In Your Domain Means You Are Encouraging Infringement

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We've noticed before how many copyright maximalists make claims that suggest they believe that all BitTorrent is used for is infringement, even though it is used as an efficient distribution mechanism for all sorts of legitimate offerings. However, a court in France has apparently decided to punish the admin of a forum/search engine for torrent files, in part, by claiming that having the word "torrent" in your URL means that you're encouraging infringement:
The papers include a statement from the Court which declares that “..the names of these sites [when they include the word 'torrent'] encourage illegal activity. Torrent sites are accessed by users of the BitTorrent protocol which has a main, if not unique purpose, of enabling downloading of copyright protected works.”

In a nutshell, having the word “torrent” in a domain name can be reason enough to presume bad intentions.
That's pretty ridiculous, as there are sites that use the word "torrent" that have nothing to do with infringement. Seems like yet another case of people who don't understand technology making decisions that seriously impact everyone.

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  1. identicon
    DogBreath, 6 Jun 2011 @ 9:20am

    Re: Re: Re: Re: Brilliantly Inciteful

    Moving to be part of a majority illegal community of file sharers, or advertising that you are shows intent, and that is good place to start. It isn't an absolute summary judgement of the sites, but it is enough for authorities to act on.

    So... for example say you lose your job, your house and you end up moving into the poor part of town, that just happens to have the majority of illegal acts occurring in that location. The cops now have the unimpeachable right to break down your door (with no "probable cause" or "exigent circumstances") to look for illegal activity (don't worry, you'll still get your "due process" in court, if your lucky enough to survive the encounter without being killed), because you wouldn't live in such a crime infested neighborhood unless you were "probably" involved in criminal acts yourself, thereby giving the cops "Probable Cause" in the first place.

    Welcome to: Legal Profiling Failures Based On Circular Logic 101. Please take a seat.

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