French Court Says Merely Having The Word 'Torrent' In Your Domain Means You Are Encouraging Infringement

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We've noticed before how many copyright maximalists make claims that suggest they believe that all BitTorrent is used for is infringement, even though it is used as an efficient distribution mechanism for all sorts of legitimate offerings. However, a court in France has apparently decided to punish the admin of a forum/search engine for torrent files, in part, by claiming that having the word "torrent" in your URL means that you're encouraging infringement:
The papers include a statement from the Court which declares that “..the names of these sites [when they include the word 'torrent'] encourage illegal activity. Torrent sites are accessed by users of the BitTorrent protocol which has a main, if not unique purpose, of enabling downloading of copyright protected works.”

In a nutshell, having the word “torrent” in a domain name can be reason enough to presume bad intentions.
That's pretty ridiculous, as there are sites that use the word "torrent" that have nothing to do with infringement. Seems like yet another case of people who don't understand technology making decisions that seriously impact everyone.

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    Jeni (profile), 4 Jun 2011 @ 11:26am


    Torrent technology is utterly fascinating to me, a programming challenged sad sack. It's a great tool for sharing large files.

    I so admire those who came up with the technology and hope they keep their creative talents flowing!

    And I even had some silly school kid hack into my wireless and DL some movie via a torrent and I got the nasty letter for it from my ISP, which after initially being stunned beyond belief, I actually had to chuckle at. What a waste of resources and time that was.

    In fact, it was that instance that got me reading up on what these torrents were/are and I was in awe - still am.

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