Facebook, Once Again, Says That Ceglia's Claim To Own 84% Of Facebook Is A Fraud

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Back in April, when Paul Ceglia refiled his lawsuit claiming to have a contract which gave him a huge chunk (up to 84%) of Facebook, some people pointed out that the refiled lawsuit sounded a lot more credible. There was additional email evidence and (mainly) the fact that a huge, extremely reputable law firm had taken on Ceglia as a client -- something they likely wouldn't do if they thought the whole thing was faked. However, Facebook is sticking to its claim that the whole thing is an elaborate fraud by "an inveterate scam artist whose misconduct extends across decades and borders." The response claims that the evidence was doctored or fabricated. It seems like this case is going to end up being a lot more interesting to watch than the Winklevii case. Someone alert Aaron Sorkin to the sequel possibilities...

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  1. identicon
    FM Hilton, 27 May 2011 @ 6:11pm

    To be honest, though-FB does have a valid point: that the guy waited for 8 years before suing them.

    If one has a vested interest in some company of any reasonable size (50% or more is pretty reasonable) from some old piece of paper, one should check and see if the investment was paying off periodically-even calling the person with whom you made the contract once in a while.

    "Hey, Fred, how's that business you and I signed on for?"

    It came as a complete surprise to this guy that FB is so popular and valued now? Where was he in the past 8 years?

    Does Mark Zuckerberg even know this guy that well?

    Does Zuckerberg even have a copy of the alleged contract? He might have been in college, but he's smart enough to keep track of his records, I'm sure.

    I'd say that the premise that it's out of statute of limitations is probably valid, and will undoubtedly get booted out of court for that one reason alone.

    "You snooze, you lose."

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