Dentist Has To Pay Legal Fees For Suing Yelp & Reviewer Over Bad Review

from the anti-slapp-and-section-230 dept

We've had a number of posts lately about lawsuits over bad Yelp reviews, and it appears they're not going so well. We pointed out a doctor losing a lawsuit over bad reviews, but Eric Goldman has the latest, in which a dentist who sued has to pay $80,000 in legal fees, not just to the reviewer, but also to Yelp itself. You see, the dentist and/or his lawyer apparently didn't bother to understand that Section 230 of the CDA protects the service provider from such a suit (which doesn't say much good about the lawyer). Once the lawyer learned of Section 230 (a bit late), they dismissed Yelp from the case... but the court still awarded legal fees to Yelp's lawyers. Hopefully this helps lawyers learn that filing bogus lawsuits against service providers over the actions of their users is not a smart move.

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    Tellitlikeitis (profile), 26 Jul 2012 @ 1:01pm

    Yelp is a joke

    I had a business on Yelp! Several as a matter of fact. I had tons of great reviews and then I started dating this psycho who harassed me, wrote a horrifying review, Yelp "hid" my good reviews (they were previously unhidden) and allowed this slanderous one to be made public. After several emails back and forth and lawsuit threats (he accused me of an illegal act) they took the review down, but never unhindered my other good reviews. Then I moved. It took them no less than 10 notifications to show the one location as closed. During the time I was trying to get the location to show as closed, this scumbag wrote another scathing review. Yelp's response? "we have determined this review is a true opinion of the client". Um, HELLO? I WAS NO LONGER OPEN AT THE TIME AND LOCATION THE REVIEWER CLAIMED "she" WAS THERE!! It's still on there? THEN, I open another studio, everything is going great until I move out of the state and close my business completely. Notified Yelp, again, several times, business is still listed as open. I even got creative, changed some information, told the moderators off, but it is still listed. Now people are showing up and getting upset with the new tenants and giving me a hard time in emails and phone calls. WTF! Yelp seems to employ little techie nerds with zero customer service skills (the old school term would be douchebag), but as long as people use their service they will continue to be douchebags and hide behind Internet laws that should (and from what I've been reading are changing at a rapid pace) be changed. Oh, and this is JMHO....

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