German Police Seize Pirate Party Servers Days Before The Election... Because Anonymous Was Chatting?

from the oh-come-on dept

Early this morning, news started breaking that the German police had seized the German Pirate Party's servers. The timing was interesting, in that it happened just two days before an election, which certainly seems questionable. The details, so far, suggest that the action wasn't against the party, but due to a French complaint, because Anonymous was using the Etherpad installation on the server, PiratenPad, to communicate and plan. If you're unfamiliar with Etherpad, it's a pretty popular online collaboration tool. I've used it for other things, including preparing notes for conferences. It's ridiculous overkill to seize an entire server because of the way some people were using Etherpad. It makes no sense, and shows (once again) how law enforcement seems to overreact to things they just don't understand.

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    :Lobo Santo (profile), 20 May 2011 @ 11:40am

    Re: Re: Not Hard to Understand

    You're laboring under the assumption the gov is that stupid (and, let's be honest, they might be) but what if they're not?

    What if the 'Pirate Party' has already been secretly subverted, and whoever gets elected as a Pirate Party representative will tow the line and do the same science-damned thing every other politician does--which is "screw the public"?

    Then, these "stupid" actions from the government serve the interest of those really in power and get their hand-picked puppets elected as Pirate Party reps.

    (Set and natch.)

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