Tech Companies Fighting Apple's App Store Trademark Around The World

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While there are already court battles in the US over Apple's attempt to trademark "app store," it appears that tech companies are having to be diligent around the world. A bunch of companies are now challenging Apple's attempt to trademark "app store" in the EU as well. Honestly, this whole thing seems like a waste of time. Would it really harm Apple when others use the term "app store"? It was Apple's lawyers who, a few years back, popularized the "moron in a hurry" standard for judging the likelihood of confusion on trademarks. It seems that perhaps they should try applying it to themselves at times.

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    daniel (profile), 17 May 2011 @ 2:22pm

    "moron in a hurry"

    To all the morons in a hurry to toss tomatoes.

    Let Apple have their trademark for "App Store" If it was so obvious the name would have been trademarked years ago. And, if you really don't want Apple to have their trademark... then why are you not tossing rotten eggs at Microsoft?

    Bill & Co. had windows trademarked... after the term was already in wide use regarding computer displays. They even had SQL Server trademarked, again... after the term was already in use by the industry.

    But yet, to those 'morons in a hurry' to cast stones at Apple for trademarking a name that others are slapping their foreheads and saying... "I could have trademarked that!".

    And what about Disney getting a trademark on "Seal Team 6"? Are you kidding me? A National Hero military team (Government owned and paid for by our tax dollars - which mean 'public domain') is now taken by a corporation to capitalize on the death of an unarmed man.

    So for you 'morons in a hurry'... stop and smell the truth.

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