What Corruption Looks Like: FCC Commissioner Takes Job At Comcast Months After She Voted To Approve Its Deal With NBC Universal

from the revolving-doors dept

A lot of folks are shaking their heads after learning that FCC commissioner Meredith Attwell Baker is leaving her post to take a lobbying job at Comcast just a few months after she voted to approve Comcast's massive purchase of NBC Universal. Now, let's be clear: there's nothing illegal in her taking this job. While she can't lobby the FCC for two years, she can lobby Congress or other parts of the government. And, it doesn't mean that she's corrupt at all. But it's this kind of move that makes people trust our government less and highlights why so many people believe that our government is corrupt.

When you have a massive revolving door, in which the people voting on important deals for companies are likely to get massive salary increases in jobs from those same companies a few months later, it's certainly going to make plenty of people assume corruption, even if there isn't any. So even if it's not corruption in the classical sense, it's hard not to see this as a form of regulatory capture. Baker's term is up in June, but it had been expected she would be re-nominated and would stay. But, making this decision so soon after voting on such a huge deal for the FCC certainly raises some questions about when she started talking to Comcast about a job and when she even decided she was looking for a different job.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 12 May 2011 @ 11:47am

    The Enemy Within.....

    This is an area where conservatives and liberals, democrats and republicans, left and right should be lockstep arm-in-arm, singing the same tune. This is outright corruption and so what if it is legal today. It needs to be made illegal. We have been warned in the past by our founding fathers, and several "above board" politicians since then to beware of the government-media-military-industrial complex. When the administration uses MSN as a mouthpiece and politicians retire from public service only to fall into corporate positions that lobby their former congressional and political colleagues for "favors" it is time for ALL Americans to demand something be done about it. It is this type of insider corruption that is tearing this country apart from within and it is the enemy within that is the most dangerous - not the bin ladens of the world. Those idiots will soon be caught and killed like Saddam in his hole or Bin Laden in his so-called mansion. But the criminals we need to worry about are the ones that carry pens and big checkbooks or those who hold back door congressional meetings or presidents who campaign on the topic of open government and transparency and then proceed to run one of the most closed door - secretive administrations in US history. These are the real criminals and they are doing more damage to this country everyday than any so-called terrorist ever has or ever will.

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