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Why Does Hollywood Insist On Making Online Movies So Annoying?

from the simple-questions dept

With Google announcing that it's now offering 3,000 movies for "rental" via both YouTube and Android, it's worth asking a simple question:
Why does Hollywood insist on making online movies so damn annoying?
If you look at pretty much all of the online rental options (with the exception of Netflix), the deal terms are almost always identical. Prices range a bit, but for big name movies they're $3.99. The rental term is 30 days from when you pay... but once you start watching, you only have 24 hours to watch. This particular limitation is particularly annoying to those of us who don't always watch movies in a single sitting or a single day (it's amazing how your movie watching gets fragmented once you have little kids).

Obviously, this has become the standard set of terms that the Hollywood studios are demanding, but these limitations are annoying and make no sense. Why put artificial limitations on offerings like this, making them less valuable and a lot less interesting? It also means that there's little innovation in the space. Basically, every offering in the space (again, with the exception of Netflix, who got grandfathered in with its unlimited model) is basically the same. The only innovation is around the device or the very front end of the service. There's no innovation in the actual model, which is a shame, because this "standardized" offering is really quite annoying and not at all compelling.

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  1. icon
    Jay (profile), 11 May 2011 @ 6:42pm

    Re: Dear Techdirt.

    "It should also be pointed out this practice is now headed toward the Supreme Court for a hearing as others found it interesting these prices *are* the same across the board."

    Uhm... Do you have a link by chance? That seems something worth checking out.

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