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by Mike Masnick

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AC/DC Says Their Songs Will Never Be Available For Download; Rest Of Internet Laughs

from the that's-not-how-it-works dept

Capitalist Lion Tamer points us to the news that the band members of AC/DC are standing firm in saying that they will never allow authorized versions of their music to be sold online for download. The logic here seems to be entirely lacking. The band claims that it's because they want people to listen to the whole albums, not just tracks, but if that's the case then they should just release the whole album as a single track. The fact is that anyone who has their albums can choose to listen however they want. And any time one of their songs is played on the radio, only one song is heard -- yet you don't hear them talk about boycotting radio. But, of course, the bigger issue is that it's silly to not offer an authorized way for people to pay you for your music, when the alternative that plenty of people will choose, instead, is to simply download unauthorized versions where the band has no say at all.

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  1. identicon
    Chris, 15 Jan 2012 @ 12:30pm


    Yea, um CDs are not on the way out ;). Digital Downloads of music suck. It compresses it to uncomprehindable levels and makes it sound like crap on a shtick! CD's and the higher resolution versions there of (such as DVD-A and the soon to be released I bet Blu-Ray-A (LOL)) are MUCH better. When you can take that and put it on your computer in lossless format such as say FLAC or WMA, with NO compression (or very little)... then I guess you're actually hearing it the way they wanted you to hear it, not how the company wanted u to hear it so they could sell it as mp3s... I will never buy an online Digital Copy of music unless it is lossless!

    I still say the people who buy these damnedable MP3 files are the idiots that run around with little earbuds at max level thinking they're the shit lol. (I'm not the shit for saying that or for rocking the proper headphones... which is rare cause I listen though speakers as one should! (5.1 surround with 75 Watt sub... not huge but WAY better than headsets or those laughable buds!).... These people aught to be shot! They are the cause of the downfall of the sound quality in music!

    This group should be elevated on all our shoulders!

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