Copyright Maximalists Come Out Against New TLDs Because It Creates 'More Space' For Infringement

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There are all sorts of reasonable points of disagreement over ICANN's plan to add generic top level domains (.whatever rather than just .com, .net, etc...). Of course, we've argued that the whole idea of TLDs is obsolete anyway, and rather than ICANN's convoluted process of selling each new generic TLD, it should just open things up, so that rather than saying people can register "," they should be able to just register "whatever." Trademark owners have also complained about the generic TLD efforts, in large part because they've seen what happens when ICANN created absolutely useless TLDs like .jobs, that made many companies feel they need to go out and pay to register their (leading to sophomorically snicker-worthy sites like, which appears to no longer be functioning, though it did for a while).

However, one complaint that simply hasn't made much sense are complaints from copyright holders over generic TLDs. We've seen the RIAA complain that it might lead to more infringement, which appeared to be based on a misunderstanding of how the internet works (shocking) rather than on any legitimate complaint. Of course, Copycense points us to the news that "The Copyright Alliance" (a sort of propaganda/lobbying organization for extreme copyright maximalists) has now come out against generic TLDs as well for the delightfully ridiculous reason that it means "more Internet space would be available to rogue website operators."

Apparently, the internet isn't a series of "tubes," but it's a box with limited space, and this will expand it. Or something.

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  1. identicon
    Anonymous Coward, 9 May 2011 @ 8:50am

    Re: After R'ing TFA

    My understanding is this: If you're a cosmic cop in an expanding universe you're job gets harder every second because your beat becomes larger while the speed limit stays the same. Oh sure, there are the same numbers of stars and pesky black holes but it's a bigger problem now.

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