'Economics In One Lesson' Apparently Doesn't Include Pricing; Kindle Version Most Expensive

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Copycense, who has done a really bangup job in pointing out some ironic ebook pricing decisions, has another one. The book "Economics in One Lesson," by Henry Hazilitt is available new from Amazon in paperback for $7.95... or at $9.99 for the Kindle. Apparently, "Economics In One Lesson" either doesn't include a section on pricing... or whoever did the pricing on the book didn't read that section...

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    rangda (profile), 22 Apr 2011 @ 8:33pm

    Re: Re:

    If you advocate paperback pricing for ebooks then you are in effect advocating that the fixed costs of prepping the ebook + the server/bandwidth costs for distribution equal the printing, storage, and distribution costs of the paperback. IMO that is insane as I cannot imaging those two costs are even close. This fails my basic reality test as a consumer and $8 ebooks make me feel like I'm being ripped off. If my choice was $8 for an ebook or nothing I'd stop reading.

    Worse, as long as Borders remains in business (how long this lasts is debatable) paperbacks will be cheaper than $8. Borders 30% off coupons are common as dirt if you are a rewards club member (free to join) so if you have a local Borders still in business your paper cost is closer to $5.60 + tax. So I can buy a paperback for $6 then resell it or share it with friends or buy an ebook for $8 or more and be stuck with it. Pretty bad choice IMO. From my point of view ebooks of fiction paperbacks need to be in the $3 range to justify me buying a reader.

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