USTR Says Congress Won't Be Restricted By ACTA

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Responding to a series of questions that Senator Ron Wyden asked, Ron Kirk, the US Trade Representative, and the Obama administration apparently believe that Congress and the courts will not be constrained in any way by ACTA. This is a bit odd, since the last draft of the agreement conflicts with US law in some places, and most certainly appears to state that countries agreeing to ACTA need to follow certain laws that would block Congress' ability to change copyright laws in various ways. Of course, what's really going on here is a sneaky political game. Since the administration wants to call this an "executive agreement," rather than a treaty (so that it doesn't need Senate approval), they have to claim that it won't really impact US laws. Yet... you can be absolutely positive that if Congress moved to change a law in any way that conflicted with ACTA, we'd be hearing speeches and reading stories about how we're not living up to our "international obligations," such as those found in ACTA. It's a really cynical political move by the administration.

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    Not an Electronic Rodent (profile), 21 Apr 2011 @ 3:58am


    Yes, potential inconsistencies are regularly raised, but upon analysis they do not withstand scrutiny.

    As in "the people formulating the agreement dismiss the argument"?
    If opponents of ACTA are convinced that such inconsistencies are present, then in my view it behooves them to specifically spell out what they are and why.

    I was under the impression that the negotiations and exact provisions were supposedly secret. Am I wrong? A bit hard to "specifically spell out" objections to something non-specific don't you think?
    Frankly, I hope the legislation meets an inglorious death, and if it does not, then I look forward to a date in the future when the US returns the "favor".

    So you think the US should be in the position of a 4-year-old in a playground - "Well HE started it!" - or an old testament "eye-for-an-eye" do you? Mature.....

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