Latest Domain Seizures May Come Back To Bite One Of The Biggest Supporters Of Domain Seizures

from the oops dept

Well, this is amusing. With last Friday's seizure of top online poker site domain names, some are noticing that this might come back to haunt one of the biggest supporters of these domain seizures. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which has been an incredibly aggressive player when it comes to copyright issues, was one of the key operations that helped the Feds seize some domain names earlier this year.

Yet, it turns out that one of the biggest sponsors of many of the MMA fighters and of StrikeForce -- which UFC recently bought -- was (you guessed it) one of the sites seized, Full Tilt Poker. Oops.

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    Adam Wasserman (profile), 18 Apr 2011 @ 11:18am


    You have no idea what the FBI is or is not doing in regards to being effective. Your comment is based on prejudice and assumption.

    While not thoroughly informed, I have been present at a two conferences attended by a mix of industry, academia and law enforcement.

    You sarcasm is misplaced.

    The issues are *extremely* tangled, involving international law and countries openly hostile to the US. Countries who feel that there is absolutely nothing wrong with defrauding little old ladies out of their life's savings... as long as they are *American* little old ladies.

    LE is not like in the movies where they go gun down the bad guys. They operate under rules that are very restrictive (unlike ICE which I will point out is not a traditional law enforcement agency) and it takes a long time to collect proper evidence and then in many cases it takes even longer for the Attorney General to act on that evidence.

    This is just me, but I try not to say disparaging things when I do not know what I am talking about.

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