Latest Domain Seizures May Come Back To Bite One Of The Biggest Supporters Of Domain Seizures

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Well, this is amusing. With last Friday's seizure of top online poker site domain names, some are noticing that this might come back to haunt one of the biggest supporters of these domain seizures. Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which has been an incredibly aggressive player when it comes to copyright issues, was one of the key operations that helped the Feds seize some domain names earlier this year.

Yet, it turns out that one of the biggest sponsors of many of the MMA fighters and of StrikeForce -- which UFC recently bought -- was (you guessed it) one of the sites seized, Full Tilt Poker. Oops.

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    Adam Wasserman (profile), 18 Apr 2011 @ 6:22am

    For once...

    For once ICE is doing something remotely related to their mandate.

    Online poker really *is* used extensively for money laundering by organized crime.

    The boss sits down at a virtual table with several of their underlings, and they "just happen" to lose every hand. The boss's online account is - of course - under a false name with winnings transferred to an offshore account in some corrupt Baltic country.

    The Online site are complicit. They accept the flimsiest and most obviously forged "identification" and allow people to set up these obviously fraudulent accounts. They do no monitoring of statistically impossible wins and losses (lose *every* hand?).

    And money laundering is in fact traditionally the domain of US Customs.

    So... I am shocked! Shocked I tell you! To learn that gambling has been going on here!

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