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Woman Sues Because She Was Assaulted By Someone She Met On Site

from the misplaced-liability dept

A few years back, there was an online dating site, whose main differentiator was that it would supposedly do background checks on anyone who joined. That company had a habit of not just playing up this differentiator, but of trying to get laws passed that would make life difficult for other dating sites -- such as forcing them to put a warning on every page reading: "WARNING: WE HAVE NOT CONDUCTED A FELONY-CONVICTION SEARCH OR FBI SEARCH ON THIS INDIVIDUAL." Thankfully, it doesn't seem like those lobbying efforts have gotten very far, but I'm reminded of this because of a new lawsuit filed against by a woman, who claims she was sexually assaulted by a man she met on the site. This is, of course, horrible. But the fault lies with the guy, not with

In fact, the whole thing seems suspiciously similar to those old attempts to get such laws passed, in that the woman isn't asking for monetary damages, but to require to run background checks on everyone. Of course, this is a liability question and it's difficult to see how could or should be liable here. Obviously, when you meet someone you don't know, there are risks, but pinning the liability on the tool people use to meet seems quite problematic.

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    Lutomes (profile), 20 Apr 2011 @ 1:14am

    I remember when I was online dating. Almost every girl asked if I was a "serial killer or something".

    I only ever answered with "Technically not, the bodies were never found." or something similar. I couldn't believe how trusting some of the girls were of a complete stranger.

    I can't believe one of them even let me take her up on a mountain drive, for champagne in the woods at midnight. All on a first date!

    If I was a bad person, there is no way they would have found the body...

    Awesome night though ;)

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