TSA Says 'You Might Be A Terrorist If... You Complain About The TSA'

from the seriously-guys? dept

Ah, the TSA. Apparently among the "behavioral factors" that the TSA uses in determining who might be a criminal or a terrorist is... if you complain about the TSA. I guess that means I'm in line for some extra scrutiny. Honestly, though, this sounds a lot more like punitive action against people who complain, rather than a legitimate characteristic of someone who deserves extra scrutiny. Specifically, one of the factors is if someone is:
"Very arrogant and expresses contempt against airport passenger procedures."
An ACLU person quoted in the article wonders if this violates the First Amendment, in that it's going after someone for expressing their opinion:
"Expressing your contempt about airport procedures -- that's a First Amendment-protected right," said Michael German, a former FBI agent who now works as legal counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union. "We all have the right to express our views, and particularly in a situation where the government is demanding the ability to search you."

"It's circular reasoning where, you know, I'm going to ask someone to surrender their rights; if they refuse, that's evidence that I need to take their rights away from them. And it's simply inappropriate," he said.
Honestly, you'd have to think that a real terrorist or criminal, hoping to avoid calling attention to themselves, wouldn't be openly hostile to the search procedure, but would try to be quiet and blend in. Perhaps the TSA will defend this latest ridiculousness by saying it's all okay because it's standard operating procedure.

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    The Devil's Coachman (profile), 17 Apr 2011 @ 6:58am

    Re: Re: Re:

    We are also empty nesters. We plan to never fly anywhere for the rest of our lives. We've been there, done that enough, and to have to submit to the TSA Gestapo every time is so grossly insulting to human dignity that we will not participate. The genetically deranged subhumans who run the TSA should themselves be imprisoned for their crimes, but since we now live in a pretty close to fascist state, that will never happen.

    Screw the airlines, and the TSA. I even refuse to fly for business, and have legitimate health reason for it, even though it probably wouldn't be that big a deal. Nonetheless, why even take the slightest risk of an adverse reaction to it?

    If I do go to Europe, the Caribbean, and elsewhere, I will take a boat. Yeah, it takes more time. I have the time. I will gladly waste it whilst enjoying myself. To me, the act of flying is like the act of vomiting. Sometimes you might have no choice, but if you do, you won't do either.

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