Brazilian Police To Use Facial Recognition Glasses To Spot Criminals... But Does It Even Work?

from the ah,-details dept

Apparently Brazilian police are investing in a system of Robocop-style glasses that will allow the police to scan crowds of people with the glasses, and have a small camera spot known criminals. That's the theory. What's surprising to me is that no one in the article seems to question whether or not this technology actually works. We've been hearing a lot about facial recognition technology over the years, especially for situations like this. Yet, every time we hear about tests of public camera systems with facial recognition, it later turns out that they're close to useless. Multiple places that have installed such cameras later took them down after they failed to (legitimately) spot any criminals. Now, many of those stories are a few years old, and the technology has improved... but until there's actual evidence that a system like this can actually work (especially in a miniaturized glasses setup), it seems that skepticism should rule the day.

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    Ralphoo (profile), 21 Apr 2011 @ 3:07pm

    Dwayne nailed it

    "The glasses are merely an excuse to treat everyone as a criminal. The reasoning behind all arrests in Brazil will now be, "He's a criminal because the glasses recognised him as one"
    Dwayne, your comment is the one that makes the most sense here. Unfortunately, we can't tolerate that kind of uncontrolled intelligence. You are under arrest.

    The charge? Being recognized by my special glasses, of course.

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